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The Scranton Civic Ballet Company was founded in 1978 by Helen M. Gaus as a regional resident company with its home in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The Scranton Civic Ballet Company is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization focused on dance instruction and performance. It is the Company’s mission to educate our members and the public in the art of dance while bringing the talents of well-known artists, choreographers and master teachers into Northeast Pennsylvania for our students as well as our audiences. Civic Dance Centre is the official school of the Scranton Civic Ballet Company. 

According to the national Registry of Dance Education, the study of dance promotes physical, intellectual, artistic, social and individual rewards. These rewards are certainly valuable and significant to each and every student of the arts, but they, like many things, do not come easily.


It is often costly for families to send their children to dance classes, yet it is not uncommon for parents to adjust their already tight budgets to make it possible. This happens not only because the family has an appreciation for the arts, but also because they want their children to be a part of something like the Scranton Civic Ballet Company. At Civic, whether our students are taking class in the studio, performing center stage, or practicing dance steps in their rooms before bedtime, they are continually encouraged to better themselves, to show off their talents, and to reap those rewards. Please help  us to showcase our students’ hard work by supporting our organization and our performances. 

Your sponsor dollars will also help to celebrate and spotlight even more Northeastern Pennsylvanians. Civic is fortunate to work with a number of dedicated local artists who are responsible for all of the production aspect of each show. These aspects include costuming, lighting, scenery, and all of the behind-the-scenes magic that contributes significantly to the beauty of our  performance.

Helen Gaus' The Nutcracker

We recognize that the last few years have been as difficult for many businesses as they have neem for many families. In that spirit, we feel it is essential for our local community to work together and for us to support one another in our endeavors. By doing so, we are able to better our community to work together as a whole. Showing support for the arts, and especially for arts education, is a perfect way to do this. 


We ask that you take time to consider what we can give to support our organization. Any donation that fits into your budget is truly appreciated. We welcome any questions that you may have regarding our ballet company or our performances. Please feel free to contact us at (570) 343-0115 or submit any questions through the contact page.

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